Meet Dr. Brown

Dr. Ja’nae Brown, PT, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She graduated from the University of San Francisco with her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Sports Science in 2002, and from Loma Linda University with a Doctorate Degree in 2005.  Dr. Brown grew up in the South Bay and she went to Bishop Montgomery High School.  Her love for anatomy and the human body started as a high school student athlete playing women’s basketball.  Her team won back to back state titles her sophomore and junior years in high school and in 2016 they were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  It was on this team that she learned the value of hard work and discipline.  Dr. Brown had her fair share of injuries during that time and was exposed to physical therapy and it was then that she decided she would pursue a career that would help people gain back the strength and mobility they had lost through injury.  Dr. Brown is currently a resident of San Pedro, CA.  She is married to a wonderful man who is the CEO of his own record label CGMG and owns and operates an independent recording studio, EDRC Studio in Los Angeles County and she has an 12-year old daughter who is also a student athlete and swims competitively in San Pedro/Palos Verdes for ZAP swimming.  Dr. Brown and her family attend The Harbor Church in Lomita, CA where she and her husband lead the Marriage ministry.  She values her family and her faith and she takes pride in her work.  Dr. Brown has worked with a variety of patients in a variety of settings and she is comfortable treating any condition that requires physical therapy.   She specializes in Sports, Orthopedic, and Neurologic conditions.  She is also Pilates trained and uses this form of exercise in conjunction with traditional physical therapy to rehabilitiate her patient’s conditions and performance.  Dr. Brown is very passionate about her practice and her desire is to get patients pain-free, stronger and moving better so they can get back to their life and the activities they enjoy most.